Emerging Markets

Hedging in Consistent Emerging Markets

With new areas and markets emerging we see for the global stage, investors in and outside these regions are seeking differentiated opportunities for growth. At Groundstone, we help our clients in both developed and select emerging markets participate in these opportunities by leveraging our local and global intelligence in select emerging markets.

Our Scope

We enter emerging markets with resilient relationships to invest and align in emerging markets with strong existing government relations, understanding of the cultural dynamics, and fulfillment of the institutional-void with adequate mechanisms to performing well in this investment category. This spans across commercial real estate, infrastructure, and natural resources for economies at scale with our vertically integrated experience & relationships.

Commercial Real Estate

Targeting commercial real estate like ground-up development and/or acquisition.


Targeting infrastructure like transportation, energy & renewables, and social infrastructure.

Natural Resources

Targeting natural resources like agriculture, metals, and minerals.