We seek to invest in infrastructure assets principally in promising countries. Our goal is to leverage Groundstone's foundation and value-add mindset to drive value creation and economic growth.

Long-term Investing

We seek to apply a long-term buy-and-hold strategy to large-scale infrastructure assets with a focus on delivering stable, long-term capital appreciation together with a predictable annual cash flow yield.

Responsible Investing

We focus on responsible stewardship and stakeholder engagement to create value not just for our investors but also for the communities we serve.

Hard & Soft Infrastructure

We have an agility for transformative leadership beyond traditional abilities where it's more about leadership style to compliment perspectives on the stable solutions and returns for our investors and communities we invest in.

Our Scope

We seek invest and align with planning developments for infrastructure assets across the transport, energy, renewables, telecoms and social sectors to create a cohesive economy of vital economic assets for the communities and communities to come.


Targeting high quality transportation networks such as toll roads, airports, and rail-lines.

Energy & Renewables

Targeting full energy supply chain with a strong commitment to sustainable energy.

Social Infrastructure

Targeting social infrastructure assets like healthcare and education.

"You change an infrastructure by finding truth, finding an idea that embraces that truth and putting it through everything in an ever-improving culture of people."

— Jason Worley, Chief Executive Officer