Jason Worley

Chief Investor Relations & Communications Officer, Co-Founder - New York

Jason brings 16+ years’ experience for institutional relations and communications. Jason is responsible for strategic direction of the firm, operations, investor relations, and communications. He focuses on leading the team to ensure great alignment with our investors and partners.

Groundstone invests on behalf of accredited, HNWI, single family offices, private equity, institutional investors, and insurance companies. Groundstone’s active investment strategy is acquiring a significant Multifamily Value-add Acquisitions across the U.S. in primary and secondary markets with class B-C assets.

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The partnership was founded in 2016, Jason & Jacob have been working closely together since 2016. Now integrating a top performing culture within the company and its team. Together Jason and Jacob have unique individual strengths that when combined generate a significant innovation within the real estate investment landscape. Groundstone’s founders bring a unique perspective to the industry, built from unmatched experiences and resilience for the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the firm.

As Chief Investor Relations & Communications Officer, Jason is responsible for leading the firm’s investor relations & communications strategy, building and maintaining relationships, and communicating effectively with the team to ensure exemplary representation of the firm.

Jason is a creative thinker and effective communicator. He is known for his ability to identify and pursue relational opportunities and investor opportunities from inception to execution. Jason oversees the Groundstone team and valued partners to identify and pursue investors who most benefit from the firm’s investment opportunities. He is responsible for building & maintaining relationships with investors by being in direct contact. He works closely with the team to maximize transparency, insights, reporting, and communication management of Groundstone and its investment portfolio.

Jason has over 16 years’ experience operating businesses and establishing institutional relationships and communications. Working with clients including and not limited to Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, Pharma & Biotech, Cognizant Technologies (Fortune 185), and Investors alike. He has built leaders and teams globally to meet short and long-term goals & objectives. Over the years commercializing investment platforms and previously commercializing therapeutic & tech platforms through brand, communications, marketing, and market launches. He has been an Advising Partner for Fund Managers in commercial real estate.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Kutztown University, PA.

Jason served as Program Director for Lehigh University’s Global Alumni Entrepreneur platform for over 120 countries for brand operations and dynamic market conditions, Co-Chair of Communications for Rotary International, Board of American Heart Association, and numerous community boards.

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