Streamline Effectiveness

Real Estate has many functions working at once. How many functions are over performing. Streamlining effectiveness across the value chain is an indicator to consider before its a concern.

Responsible Sourcing

Sourcing intentions, engagements, and interactions for ONE common vision, goal and outcome is the responsibility in our actions.

Fluid Functionality

Fluidity in real estate is the leading factor to getting things done in a variety of functions to see outsized growth.

Investment Strategies

We seek to be a challenger in commercial real estate, owning and operating assets across primary, secondary, and growth markets.

Texas Multifamily

Targeting value-add, core, and core+ Multifamily across Texas and Sunbelt with 150-550+ units.

Hotels & Resort

Sustainable mid-to-high end hotels and hospitality ecosystems across North America and international growth markets.

Ground-Up Development

Targeting ground-up development across commercial real estate across North America and international growth markets.

Large Scale Mixed-Use

Time-tested approaches and market understanding to ensure a maximum in all economic environments across North America and international growth markets.

Luxury Core+ Multifamily

Long-term luxury acquisitions and developments across North America and international growth markets.


Affordable and luxury communities at scale across North America and international growth markets.

Our Strategies

Since we started investing in real estate, the growth of our business across the portfolio has expanded our ability to provide practical and diverse solutions to our limited partners.

Our value-add seeks growth with moderate to high risk. Value-add properties look for unlocked potential for cash flow. Improving occupancies, best-in-class management, responsible maintenance and/or a combination of all three. Leadership with real estate, strategic planning, and daily oversight by their owners.

Our opportunistic business seeks to acquire under-managed, well-located assets across North America. In connection with these acquisitions, we build businesses that are set up to manage the underlying properties and ultimately maximize their value by instituting best-in-class management. Post-acquisition, we also invest in the properties to improve them before selling the assets and returning capital to our limited partners.

Our Core+ business features stabilized real estate with a long investment horizon and moderate leverage, where we can unlock additional value through focused asset management.

Our Core business features stable income generating with very low risk. With right-sized management acquired for physical characteristics and the capital structure when determining the investment profile.

Our Ground-up developments, in acquiring an empty building, land development and repositioning a building from one use to another are examples of opportunistic investments.

"10-50-300 year perspective is important for real estate through sustainability, innovation and calculated risk."

— Jacob Kriser, Chief Investment Officer