Our Leadership

Our purpose is proven and emerging — We build an ever-improving environment in an ever-changing market.

Investing in people is our number one asset. Everyone who we interact with will appreciate in value. From our team, investors, professional partners, counsel, and everyone we do business with along the way. This is how we see it. It is this responsible investing that creates the certainty and compounding interest within our collaboration, partnership, and investments across industries where abilities, perspective, and values drive a multitude of bottom-lines.

Our People

Groundstone by the Numbers


Diversity amongst team members

Diversity within Senior Leadership

Our Grounding Values

People who demonstrate integrity, respect, teaming and inclusiveness across the board.

People with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead through good and bad times for net growth.

People who build relationships based on doing the right thing create compounding interest.

Responsible Investing

We recognize that responsible investment is fundamental to our fiduciary duty to our clients and beneficiaries. We understand the importance of sound stewardship in managing investors’ capital, and our approach to Groundstone ensures that our interests and values are closely aligned to those of our clients and shareholders.

We believe that as stewards of our clients’ capital, we owe it to them to responsibly manage their assets in order to unlock long-term, sustained value, while taking account of material ESG considerations.

We have designed a firm-wide stewardship approach which recognizes some of the challenges inherent in quantitative strategies and seeks to create a structure where best practice at an investment management level is centralized and then adopted firm-wide.

Principals that we live by

Ground Situations
Communicate Clearly
Listen Indefinitely
Find the Right Fit
Momentum through Meritocracy
Lead through Teamwork
Act with Tact
Design Deliberate Solutions